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South Austin’s top beauty school Bella Beauty College is providing great deals this holiday season on beautification, salon and spa treatments. The beauty school focuses on providing discounted services to the public while allowing the opportunity for the brightest cosmetology students to get hands on experience behind the chair. Supervised and run by experienced professionals, the salons and spas of Bella Beauty College offer a wide variety of treatments and procedures from hair color to manicures to facials and spa treatments.    


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With the holiday season upon us, Bella Beauty College in South Austin has put together seasonal specials including the ‘Frosty and Friends’ couple’s facial deal and the ‘Shining Star’ special, which combines hair color, manicure and paraffin wax treatments. With experience and expertise in a wide variety of beauty treatments, Bella Beauty College offers the best options in cosmetology for all styling needs.    


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Paraffin Wax treatments have become a popular option at Bella Beauty College’s South Austin location, as a low-cost, highly effective way of maintaining and restoring the health and appearance of a client’s skin. Used in combination with manicures and pedicures, student nail technicians recommend paraffin wax treatments serve to retain moisture within the skin, thus restoring hands and feet to a smooth, supple texture.


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Paraffin, unlike most other types of wax, melts at a very low temperature, meaning the application of it to the skin is pain-free and gentle, allowing for direct contact with hands and feet following skin’s cleansing. The warm soothing nature of the wax relaxes joints and muscles, while aiding in relief for ailments such as arthritis, as the heat increases circulation and blood flow. Non-adherent, paraffin wax not only applies with ease, but peels off of skin without pain or damage to the skin.

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Paraffin wax treatments can be added to any regular manicure treatment at Bella Beauty College’s South Austin campus for only $5, while the ‘Shining Star’ holiday package is priced at $30. Whether it is a salon, cosmetic, or spa treatment, Bella Beauty College has the treatments and right staff to work within any budget.



About Bella Beauty College:

 This South Austin beauty school operates as a cosmetology training institute and beauty salon.  Bella Beauty College has been providing classes for cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians for over 30 years. Both English and Spanish classes are also held at night in order to help working students. In addition to teaching and providing hair, skin and nail services, the college also provides stylist instructor training.  All students are overseen by licensed instructors who provide guidance and support for students performing the salon services. With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.




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