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Bella Beauty College, the leading beauty salon and college in the South Austin area, currently revealed that their highlights and lowlights color services were the most popular beauty service of 2013.  To Linda Colwell, CEO of the South Austin Beauty School, the results were expected. “We spend a great deal of time, understanding our clients and incorporating trends in the industry. We anticipated our clients would find our highlights and lowlights coloring a service that would make them stand out.”

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Colwell went on to say that of all five Bella Beauty College locations in Texas, South Austin just barely edged out the other locations for the market demand for highlight and lowlight services, however other services such as haircuts and manicures were off the charts for demand as well.  Colwell theorized that the reason behind the increase in demand could be attributed to the quality of care provided at the Austin South Beauty School.


Highlights and lowlights are two different hair color techniques which differ according to the tones that are set in the hair. Highlights are traditionally lighter tones whereas lowlights are darker. This has led to the myth that lowlights can only be put in hair that is naturally lighter in color.  “We want to dispel the myth that brunettes can’t get lowlights. In fact, there are some colored low lights that look much better on brunettes such as deep reds and rich purples,” says Colwell.


The surge in highlight and lowlights in the South Austin Beauty School has been attributed to the increase in lowlights by brunettes and the positive word-of-mouth that our student stylists have generated.  “We understand that our best advertising are our clients, which is why we work very hard to provide them with the best service,” Colwell said. This led to a huge upswing among our clients sharing our expertise with their friends and colleagues.”


Another factor in the surge in business for Bella could be attributed to the many failed DIY attempts.  “We have seen many people who completely botched these hair color attempts in an attempt to do it at home. We pick up quite a few clients to correct the damage they or a friend of theirs has done to their hair,” Colwell said.  Colored box kits could end up doing more harm than benefit. Even if the color turns out well, people are ultimately doing unintended damage to their hair, which only appears in time. Box kits consist of chemicals, which need to be used in a controlled environment in the presence of an expert. Box kits for highlights or lowlights costs approximately $12 -$14. Considering the damage and the chemicals that users expose their hair to, they end up paying much more for the box than the printed price.

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Considering this, customers could save time and money by going directly to the Austin South Beauty School instead of later after the damage has occurred. This would not only save time but also money for the client.  Colwell sees the trend in professional highlights/lowlights services continuing to be popular for her salons in 2014 and will concentrate more resources to meeting the demand.  “2014 has started out strong, and we hope that we can not only match our current success but exceed it. We’ve also found that when one technique becomes popular, demand for other services like manicures and facials grow too,” Colwell said. “At the end of the day, customer service is a large part of the salon experience and combined with high quality services, our customers dictate what we do.”


About Bella Beauty College:

 For over 30 years, Bella Beauty College has been one of the leading institutions not only providing salon services to the public and education dedicated to turning aspiring cosmetologists, estheticians and manicurists into beauty professionals.  With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.




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