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Starting a new career in the beauty industry can be a daunting endeavor, even for students who have attended Bella Beauty College, a leading South Austin Beauty school. Students go from providing cuts, color, styling and other beauty salon services on customers at a discounted price under the observance of licensed instructors, to working in a salon for paying customers who expect excellent services and skilled stylists. It’s the most daunting transition in a stylist’s career, and some students do not easily make the leap. To help students make this transition, Bella Beauty College gives their graduates advice for after they leave the school and make their way into a cosmetology profession.


“We have many graduating students who are anxious about starting their career in a salon,” said Linda Colwell, Bella Beauty College CEO. “Providing training is step one for our students, after the training we want aspiring stylists to know they are not alone, and they can make the transition from graduate to successful stylist professional if they adhere to some basic strategies.”

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1 – Anticipate Competition

Students don’t anticipate just how competitive the beauty industry is. Problems in finding a job or advancing in their entry-level jobs are the biggest obstacles for students post-graduation as they struggle to carve a niche for themselves. They need to anticipate they will face competition and work to create a portfolio that expands their skill set and shows what they can do. The better they are poised to compete early on, the easier advancing in their career will be.


2 – Underscore Your Strengths

Students are also faced with barriers such as the inability to market themselves appropriately. A beauty school certification is only the first step in a stylist’s career. Students get broad training from the South Austin beauty school, but they should also pick a signature skill and work toward becoming an expert in that skill. Whether it’s stylist, manicurist, colorist,  or esthetician, there are always average technicians and then those who become “masters” in one or more skill sets.  Because they are interested in a particular skill and excel in learning everything they can about it, becoming an expert can mean a better position and more money.


3 – Persistence Creates Success

Colwell sees many students give up after an initial, brief struggle. There are more than 86,000 salons in the US, with an estimated 1.3 million employees in 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor. And the number is expected to increase considerably over the next few years. “We are entering a great period to start a beauty career,” Colwell said. “As the economy becomes stronger, so does our industry, opening up more positions for our graduates. However, students need to focus all of their energy on securing a job quickly.”

Starting a career in a chain salon like Great Clips or Super Cuts is a great way of working alongside other professionals, and it gives students the platform they need to grow their client list.  Chain salons provide a secure hourly wage which can be a comfort for many graduates just starting out and the opportunity for learn and move up in management.  Most chain salons also offer insurance benefits to their employees.  But for new stylists who may be overwhelmed at the idea of essentially managing their own careers, a chain salon includes the added benefit of built in marketing and clientele to fill the seats right away.


4 – Use your South Austin Beauty School Affiliations

Bella Beauty College is committed to helping their graduates make it in the industry. Former students are encouraged to keep in touch with Bella Beauty College and their instructors for guidance, references and continuing education. Bella Beauty College has educated thousands of successful cosmetologists in Texas over the last three decades and they are deeply rooted in the industry.

“We care about our graduates just as much as our current students,” Colwell said. “Our post graduate students should use their training and our college as a springboard to their new profession. They can come to us any time to use us as references, get feedback on their strengths and guidance on where they should take their careers.”


About Bella Beauty College:

Bella Beauty College, which is one of the leading beauty schools in the industry, is currently operating from five locations including Austin North, Austin South, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Waco. In addition to training, Bella Beauty College also provides a full range of salon services to these communities.  Current certification courses taught at Bella Beauty College are centered on hair, skin, and nails. 




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