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Bella Beauty College creates seasonal makeover specials each month to pamper clients.  This month, the package including a new summer hair style, hair coloring, with your choice of a manicure or a facial. These specials also make great gifts for that someone special in your life who needs a little indulgence in their life.  “Makeovers” can include a lot of different salon services, but the fastest and most popular service available for clients to achieve a new look, or just freshen up an existing look for summer, is through hair color.

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For those who just want to brighten up their natural color, both the North Austin and South Austin hair salon offers semi-permanent color starting at just $10.  Semi-permanent is a process where coloring is not mixed with a chemical developer.  The color lasts about 4-6 weeks and fades with each wash until the natural hair color prevails.


“Demi-permanent” color starts at $20 and is a color mixed with a light developer.  Bella Beauty College suggests demi-permanent for clients who simply want to blend a new color in with their natural hair color.  This is also not a permanent color either, but lasts a few weeks longer than the semi-permanent and typically washes out over 6-8 weeks. 


Bella Beauty College’s most popular hair salon option when looking to dramatically affect color is permanent color.  One shade of permanent color starts at $20.  Permanent color is mixed with a higher concentration of chemical developer and as a result lasts longer than semi and demi color.


Adding Semi, Demi or Permanent Color does not lighten hair color, however.  For those wanting to change from dark to lighter colored hair, bleaching is a solution. Starting at $45, Bella Beauty College student stylists can highlight your hair, lifting out the current color, whether it’s natural or previously colored.  If bleaching alone cannot lift out the color to the desired shade, adding additional toner can provide the ideal color to reach the perfect tone. Toner starts at just $15.


For our busy clients who work hard and put everyone’s needs in front of their own, looking ones best can sometimes be difficult.  Which is why Bella’s cosmetology school wants to focus on special salon treatments that are all about pampering you. Spending some time in a great hair salon can do wonders for your appearance, so clients are invited to stop in to either of Bella Beauty College’s two conveniently located salons in South Austin or North Austin, for the ultimate makeover. Other beauty packages include hair cutting, hairstyling, skin care treatments, and nail services.  You can also give the gift of beauty with a Bella Beauty College Customizable Gift Card, personalized with services hand-picked by you to ensure the perfect gift.



About Bella Beauty College:

All salon services at Bella Beauty College are provided by cosmetology school students who have completed a minimum of 150 hours of course training. All students are overseen by a licensed instructor who provides guidance and support for students performing the salon services. With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.




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