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Bella Beauty College South Austin beauty school students live to have an effect on their clients’ lives.  Recently that happened in their beauty salon in South Austin where esthetician, Erica B., customized a treatment for a client’s lifelong struggle with acne.  


Many clients hear about high frequency, galvanic, microdermabrasion, and peel skin treatments, but they do not know much about them. Bella Beauty College utilizes these treatments because when used properly, they are a safe and effective method of treating skin problems. As a cosmetology school and beauty salon, Austin’s Bella Beauty College is able offer these services at a lower cost than many other salons.  Cosmetology and esthetician students use simple, but effective methods to solve various beauty concerns.

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According to esthetician student Erica, her client, Robert, walked into Austin’s South Bella Beauty College several months ago seeking a skin remedy. This young man had acne problems for years and was desperate to find a cure.  He had tried several grocery store remedies and even started using the prescription medication, Retin-A, all to no avail.  After talking with Robert, Erica recommended that he try a far more cost-effective and less abrasive treatment, that she would specially customized to his skin, in order to achieve successful results through a simple, but precise, series of spa quality facial and peels.  She recommended that Robert consult his doctor and request to stop taking Retin-A before they began.  A side-effect of Retin-A, the harsh prescription had thinned Robert’s skin and it was necessary that he recovered from the thinning before proceeding with a treatment.  


Once the doctor gave the green light, Erica started Robert on a weekly then biweekly regimen of 20% and 30% SkinBorn glycolic peels, accompanied by extractions and soothing facials. Erica also provided Robert with a customized treatment to use at home that involved cleansing and moisturizing with Cetaphil products along with a mild exfoliate that was to be applied twice a week between visits.  With those simple steps, after only 2 months, Robert’s skin was already beginning to show vast improvements, becoming both smother and more natural looking.


The moral to this story: one-size-fits-all treatments don’t always lead to results.  More times than not, speaking with your professional and creating a customized treatment is the key.   Obviously, each person’s skin is different and reacts differently to various treatments. But at Bella Beauty College’s South Austin salon, esthetician students consult clients and customize treatments that are specific to their skin type and needs at a much more economical price than expensive salons.



About Bella Beauty College:

Dissimilar to many beauty salons, South Austin’s Bella Beauty College doubles as a cosmetology school. Hair, skin and nail services are provided by beauty school students who have completed a minimum of 150 hours of course training. All students are overseen by a licensed instructor who provide guidance and support for students performing the same quality services as any other nail or hair salon.  With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.




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