South Austin, TX – May 2016


The Bella Beauty College in North Austin is a highly qualified, hands-on beauty college dedicated to training the next generation of cosmetologists and beauty stylists. Focusing on practical lessons that allow students to learn and grow in a true beauty salon setting, Bella Beauty College is committed to offering not only a strong education in the beauty industry, but in encouraging and supporting students through schooling and into professional careers. Bella Beauty College seeks to provide the ultimate beauty college experience, producing some of the top stylists in South Austin and throughout Texas.


Because of Bella Beauty College offers a hands-on career focused approach to learning, students are encouraged to be part of a successful beauty salon. A variety of salon services 05.2015 - #2.1are therefore offered through the beauty college students, coached and guided by licensed instructors. This enables both excellent services for the customers, and a unique opportunity for the college students. One of the top in demand services offered by  Bella Beauty College in South Austin is Microdermabrasion. With hot summer specials now offering packages which include Microderms and Peels, Bella Beauty College is providing great discounts and services for the summer season starting from $55. 


Microdermabrasion is a gentle, non-chemical, exfoliating skin care procedure designed to remove dead skins cells.  Superfine, tiny crystals are used to spray away dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of fine lines, skin imperfections and blemishes. This non-invasive, 05.2015 - #2.3non-surgical procedure, leaves skin fresh and youthful in appearance and is one of the most sought after treatments available at Bella Beauty College. Combining top range procedures and customer services with career training and student education, Bella Beauty College delivers top beauty care while nurturing the growth and training of up and coming estheticians and cosmetologists. 



About Bella Beauty College:

This South Austin beauty school operates as a cosmetology training institute and beauty salon.  Bella Beauty College has been providing classes for cosmetologists, estheticians and nail technicians for over 30 years. Both English and Spanish classes are also held at night in order to help working students. In addition to teaching and providing hair, skin and nail services, the college also provides stylist instructor training.  All students are overseen by licensed instructors who provide guidance and support for students performing the salon services. With a total of five locations, Bella Beauty Colleges can be found in North Austin, South Austin, Corpus Christi, Waco and San Antonio.




Bella Beauty College

Beauty Services

623 W. Ben White Blvd.

Austin, TX  78704

Phone:  (512) 444-9875


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